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Landscape Design

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”

- Gertrude Jekyll

From concept to reality, Parick Design, LLC, works with clients to create a cohesive outdoor space, one which reflects their personal style and connects them to their natural surroundings. 

At Parick Design, LLC, we pride ourselves on a few key principles:

  • Selecting the right plant for the right place 

    • Plantings that are salt tolerant if near a walkway or driveway

    • Vegetation for slope stabilization 

    • Suitable selections for upland and lowland areas and associated moisture requirements

    • Vegetation for both screening and enhancement of viewsheds 

    • Careful consideration of mature plant sizes 

    • Selections that are long lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing 

  • Detailed analysis of existing site conditions

    • Sun and shade patterns and seasonal changes to them throughout the year

    • Wind exposure

    • Native soil conditions

  • Proper site preparation, remediation and maintenance measures  

    • Soil mixes specially adapted, hand mixed and tailored to plant needs

    • Proper fertilization and pruning practices

    • Seasonal sprays for evergreens that enhance drought adaptability

To learn more about us visit our FAQ section.

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