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“Even the tiniest of flowers can have the toughest roots.”

– Shannon Mullen

Container gardening is a great way to create a lush oasis in urban gardens when planting space is limited. It also provides opportunity to develop detailed and refined plant palettes. Parick Design, LLC, prides itself on its ability to design custom made, one of a kind creations that become focal points in the garden. 

When selecting exterior planters for your garden we carefully consider the following criteria:

  • Key design principles of color, scale, style and texture

  • Providing groupings of planters that are matching or complementary 

  • Selecting planters made of frost resistant or frost proof rated materials with proper drainage

  • Choosing containers that are the appropriate depth and size to accommodate the mature size of the plants

  • Designing with a mix of seasonal and year-round plantings that are dynamic and interesting

  • Utilizing planters as architectural features that work in concert with nearby structures

  • Using containers as privacy barriers or as safety measures to segment spaces 

When selecting interior planters for your home we carefully consider the following criteria:

  • Appropriately scaled pots and plants that don't overwhelm the space

  • Using foliage, color and texture that compliments and enhances the interior decor

  • Selecting plants that are suited to the available light level

  • Choosing pet and kid friendly, non-toxic varieties

  • Providing high quality drain pans and felt protectors on the base of the pots to protect floors and furnishings

To learn more about us visit our FAQ section.

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